Kimberly A. Miller, PhD. is Cherokee, a licensed psychologist and an organizational consultant based in Colorado. Dr. Miller has provided a variety of consulting services to law enforcement agencies, non-profits, hospitals, treatment centers, banks and Native American organizations since 2004. Her concepts are designed to strengthen and improve not only the individual line-level employee skills but also work to improve supervision, management, and the entire organization.

Dr. Miller’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Auburn University, a Master’s degree in clinical psychology from Ball State University, and a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Colorado State University. She has been published in several academic journals, has authored four book chapters, and presented at numerous national and international conferences. Dr. Miller also serves as a reviewer for a number of prominent academic journals, and has received several national and international awards. In addition to her academic credentials, Dr. Miller has significant experience in leadership and mentoring with over 20 years of supervision.

Clinically, Dr. Miller has worked with diverse clients in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Her areas of expertise include: assessment, substance abuse, eating disorders, meaning in life, and depression. She has received four grants for her research (two from The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)), which focused on the development and cross-cultural validation of a strength based measure of psychological well-being. Dr. Miller’s research interests include strength based psychology and resiliency, culturally sensitive measurement development, job satisfaction, organizational development, psychological well-being, and the epidemiology and treatment of substance use and eating disorders in ethnic minorities.


Why Select Dr. Miller?

Dr. Miller’s purpose in life is to make a difference and leave a person, place or thing better than she found it. This purpose comes from her belief in human potential and knowledge that we can always learn, grow and improve. She emphasizes strengths as the foundation for all her work and her focus is on developing long-term professional relationships that provide clients with an on-going resource for continued improvement.

Dr. Miller is passionate about improving individuals and organizations and helping them reach their full potential. Her approach is unique because all of her services are designed to fit together in an integrated approach that facilitates change in both individuals and organizations. Dr. Miller is authentic, honest, direct, and value driven. Her work is based on reliable and relevant research and her strategic and purposeful approach enables her to see the big picture and assist you and your organization in effectively planning for the future.

Dr. Miller has proven experience in transforming individuals and organizations. She takes the time to get to know you and your organization’s needs and creates a customized approach that will leave you inspired and motivated to achieve the next level of excellence.