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Personal & Executive Coaching:

Are you considering a career change?

Have you been struggling to find the right job that fits your interests, strengths and skills?

Are you unsure how to effectively market your skills to potential employers?

Would it be helpful to have an outside, objective perspective?

Are you looking to take your performance to the next level?

Do you struggle to overcome organizational or interpersonal barriers/challenges?

Is there a specific aspect of your performance you wish to improve?

Are you looking to improve your supervision/mentoring of employees?

Do you need to restore personal credibility?

Are you not sure how to institute change in your organization?

For job seekers or those looking for a career change, Dr. Miller can assist you in identifying the position that will most successfully utilize your skills, knowledge and strengths, help you market yourself effectively and prepare for interviews. Those individuals who are currently employed can benefit from coaching to develop/enhance your leadership and supervisory skills, prepare you for promotion, assist you in restoring personally credibility and help you more effectively use your strengths and manage your weaknesses. For executives, Dr. Miller can assist in crafting a new direction for your organization, provide an objective, outsider’s perspective, develop strategies to fix the organizational and interpersonal challenges your agency is facing and provide guidance on how you and your organization can improve effectiveness and performance.

All coaching plans are individually crafted to meet each client’s needs and goals. If you think you might be interested in coaching or would like more information, contact Dr. Miller for a consultation.

Contact Dr. Miller for a consultation to determine if you could benefit from coaching and to learn more about the process.