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Employee Selection Tools

It isn’t always easy to identify the right person for the right job at the right time. Dr. Miller’s background in measurement development and refinement enables her to craft effective employee selection tools individualized to an agency’s needs.

Personal & Executive Coaching

Dr. Miller has extensive experience in developing individualized professional development plans. Whether you are an employee, executive, an individual currently searching for a job or if you are looking to make a career change, coaching can provide you with the skills and guidance you need for success.

Organizational Analysis

All organizations are challenged by cultural, political and personnel dynamics compounded by budgetary concerns. Dr. Miller develops individualized organizational assessments to identify areas of strengths and growth, provides strategic solutions to improve the agency and assists leaders in developing an effective plan to implement change.

Performance Evaluation

The future of any organization is based on the quality of employees and how well they are developed. Performance evaluations should cover strengths, growth areas and be used to set goals for the coming year. Dr. Miller's expertise in measurement development will ensure your organization's evaluations are an effective professional development tool that will enhance employees’ performance.

Promotional Process

What is critical to the future of any organization is the development of objective and validated promotional processes that identify individuals who are best suited for leadership positions. Dr. Miller’s expertise in measurement development and evaluation ensures that the promotional process developed for your agency will be customized and defendable.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is an important yet underutilized organizational tool in business. It provides not only an accurate picture of an organization’s current status, but also provides direction and goals toward the achievement of a greater vision. Dr. Miller’s experience with and approach to strategic planning will enable your organization to achieve the excellence it has been seeking.

Succession Planning

Effective, long-term succession planning is needed to ensure that organizational values are enduring and goals are achieved. Thus, those individuals who possess leadership abilities and skills must be strategically developed. Dr. Miller’s expertise can assist your agency in developing a customized plan to solidify the continued success of your organization.

Team Building

An effective team is critical for the success of any project; however, specific team building activities are not always utilized when a new group/committee/team is formed. This leads to less than optimal performance, in-fighting and stagnation. Dr. Miller’s expertise in group dynamics and building effective, engaged and enjoyable teams will help you get the most out of your group projects and organizational teams.

Training Courses

Dr. Miller’s training provides high quality instruction that actively engages students and provides each of them with valuable information/skills that can be immediately used in personal and organizational development. Courses vary in length and can be customized to meet the needs of your group or organization.

Kimberly A. Miller, PhD. is Cherokee, a licensed psychologist and an organizational consultant based in Colorado. She has provided consulting services to law enforcement agencies, non-profits, hospitals, banks and Native American organizations since 2004.
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Law Enforcement Consulting

Dr. Miller has provided consulting services to numerous law enforcement agencies since 2004. She appreciates the uniqueness of the law enforcement culture and takes this into account in developing all of her interventions, surveys, measures, courses, policies/plans and individual coaching sessions.

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Personal Coaching & Organizational Consulting

Dr. Miller has been working to help both individuals and organizations thrive since 2004. If you are looking for ways to improve yourself and/or your organization, Dr. Miller’s expert guidance can assist you in reaching your goals. Whether she is working with one person or an entire organization, she utilizes a strength based approach as the foundation for change.

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