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Strategic Planning:

Strategic planning is a critical tool used to assist organizations in achieving success. A strategic plan can unify and motivate employees to fulfill the mission of the organization while working toward achievement of the overall vision. The direction provided by a strategic plan can also reduce ambiguity, make priorities clear and increase accountability. The purpose of an organizational strategic plan is to clearly define for employees and constituents the following:

  1. Mission - who you are, what you do and why you exist

  2. Values - explain your underlying motivations for service delivery

  3. Vision - identify where you are going

  4. Goals - articulate how you are going to get there

Internally, a strategic plan can be an avenue for organizational and cultural change by solidifying a new purpose and direction and laying out goals that facilitate change, or it can be a document that guides a well-functioning agency to its next level of excellence. Externally, a strategic plan communicates the agency’s vision, mission and values and serves as a marketing tool to the people you serve, potential employees and other organizations with similar purposes.

Dr. Miller has significant experience in facilitating the strategic planning process and crafting the actual planning document. Her approach is unique in that she focuses on both providing members a professional development experience (i.e., teaching about the process, encouraging active participation and leadership among committee members, and infusing teambuilding throughout, ) and the creation of a document that will transform the organization. By focusing on both throughout the process, Dr. Miller ensures that the process and plan will continue to be used and members receive personal benefit from having been a part of the strategic planning committee.

In addition to the experience she provides, her research-based approach ensures that the plan is measurable, which is critical for on-going evaluation and ultimate success. Finally, Dr. Miller believes every member of an organization plays a critical role in its future success, thus all her plans are developed so that every employee can see themselves in the document, leading to a personal connection to the organization’s future, which increases motivation and productivity.

Contact Dr. Miller for more information on how she can help you develop or revise your organization’s strategic plan.