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Succession Planning:

Succession planning should be a formalized, transparent process that enables an agency to develop employees’ skills, knowledge and abilities to prepare them to take future positions in the organization. Many agencies are satisfied to have succession planning be an informal process; however, this can become confusing and inefficient when no one is sure who is developing whom, for what reason/position, or worse, employee’s prescribed duties overshadow the informal process, which leaves little to no time for employee development.

Dr. Miller has experience in the crafting of individual and organizational development plans and can assist your organization in creating a customized plan to meet your needs, no matter the size of your agency. A formal program will enable all employees to know what the process entails, how they can access the developmental training they need to be successful in other parts of the organization, allow for mentors to be identified and an effective mentor/mentee match to be made, and will reduce stress and concern about the future of your organization.

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