Our agency had the pleasure of having Dr. Miller speak at our annual staff retreat in May 2016. By far, she was the most inspiring, entertaining and motivational speaker we have ever had! Her insights into law enforcement leadership were spot on and very beneficial. Dr. Miller has a way of captivating her audience with her light humor, real-world experiences and practical advice. She also effectively engages all learners with her thought-provoking and meaningful activities. This approach ensured all participants left with new skills and insights. I would highly recommend Dr. Miller as a speaker and facilitator and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Dr. Luis Velez
Chief of Police
Pueblo Police Department



I had the pleasure to attend Dr. Miller's keynote address on "The Way Of The Jedi" at the FBILEEDA conference in 2016 and it was one of the most valuable professional development seminars I have ever attended. Her style is engaging and motivating and creates an enjoyable learning environment. Additionally, the material she covered was spot on, and the recommendations she provided were transformational and in line with the best practices in leadership. Our agency has already found ways to implement her suggestions and I know they will help us become a truly exceptional law enforcement agency. If you are looking for a presenter who will engage your mind and heart and help you and your agency become extraordinary, seek out Dr. Miller, you won't be disappointed!

Les Kachurek
Northern Kentucky University Police Department


I attended the TCI conference in Franklin, Tennessee in April 2016 and was extremely impressed with the presentation given by Dr. Miller & Lt. Pearson. I am in my 27th year in law enforcement and their presented was the best and most applicable class I have ever been a part of. Although I have been using many of the strategies they discussed, I still learned a great deal from their presentation and am in the process of finding ways to implement the ideas they suggested in my agency. If you are looking for engaging speakers who offer a lot of value, look no further than Dr. Miller & Lt. Pearson, they did an amazing job and I am grateful to have been a part of the experience!  

Captain Doug Bailey
Communications and Jail Supervisor
Bartlett Police Department, TN


I recently attended the University of Tennessee Law Enforcement Innovation Center Command Staff Leadership training and had the pleasure of having Dr. Miller as an instructor. I am a 30 year veteran in Law Enforcement, and was very impressed by Dr. Miller's instructional style. I have since began to practice what I learned, and find that her ideas/suggestions have helped me in my day to day duties. I would highly recommend Dr. Miller's Strength-Based Leadership classes to law enforcement professionals at all ranks. You will find the class to be engaging, fun, educational and inspiring. Dr. Miller is a dedicated professional who is passionate about helping law enforcement professionals become exceptional and I know she will continue to inspire all who have the fortune to hear her teach. 

Keith Edwards
Bradley County Sheriffs Office


I attended the 2015 Wisconsin Police Chief's Summer Conference, held in Green Bay, Wisconsin and had the pleasure of attend Dr. Miller's "Strategic Selection" course. Dr. Miller's class was engaging and very helpful. Specifically her focus on "Character" proved to be invaluable to my organization. I was able to utilize the "Character-based questions" she detailed in class and they ended up proving to be the deciding factor in who I hired. The questions she provided clearly separated the candidates with good character from those with bad or marginal character. As a result of my experiences with Dr. Miller in class and the quality of the question she provides, I highly recommend her to any organization who is seeking an engaging and educational training experience or who wants to improve the way they select employees. 

Richard Buntrock
Seymour, WI


Dr. Miller is a frequent presenter at our Command Level Leadership Training, presenting on key factors that effect a senior law enforcement official’s ability to positively impact their agency. Not only are her presentations informative and engaging, but her ability to relate to the participants in the class makes her one of our most highly rated presenters. Due to the requests we have received, we are pleased to partner with the TN Chapter of the FBI National Academy Associates and have her present at this year’s state re-trainer. If you are looking for a motivating, engaging skill-based class look no further than Dr. Miller, she never disappoints!

Don Green
Executive Director
University of TN Law Enforcement Innovation Center


I recently had the privilege to attend the fall 2014 Kansas Association of Chief's of Police's training conference in Wichita, KS. I was very impressed with Dr. Miller's thought provoking workshop! It was refreshing to have a presenter with her extensive experience and background applying insights and practical instruction towards the police culture. Dr. Miller's presentation was very timely, practical and resonated with a genuine sensitivity to the law enforcement community and culture. Dr. Miller's ability to empathize with her audience and communicate effectively across diverse cultures was obvious, and speaks to her great love for mentoring and advocating for organizational and personal effectiveness and excellence. If you are an individual or an organization who is looking to take your performance to the next level, I highly recommend attending Dr. Miller's training courses, you won't be disappointed.

Tom Boren
Chief (Ret.)
El Dorado Police Department


In thirty five years as a police officer and supervisor for metropolitan agencies in the Midwest I have had the privileged to attend many training conferences over the years but can truly say there is no comparison to the caliber of Dr. Miller’s strength based leadership presentation. She is masterful in her preparedness, her presentation, and her willingness and fearlessness to discuss current trends and societal issues. She has an excellent understanding of law enforcement procedures and issues as well as having experience in working with law enforcement at all levels. Leadership is the basis for supervision. For those that struggle this is an excellent class and for those with many years of supervision it's an excellent refresher with new ideas and better ways to approach problems and personnel issues.

Guy Schroeder
Captain, Support Services Division
Wichita State University
Lt. (Ret.) Wichita Police Department


I attended a Command Level Leadership Training course in Nashville Tennessee in February 2014. Upon reviewing the agenda, I saw that Dr. Miller was one of the instructors who would be presenting for an 8-hour block. After being in law enforcement for 37 years, when I saw there was a non-law enforcement instructor, let alone a "Doctor" who had an 8 hour block of instruction, I thought "what can she possibly teach me about how to be a better supervisor" and "how will I ever make it through this day." I can't begin to tell you how wrong I was and what a wonderful surprise Dr. Miller turned out to be. Words cannot express just how much information I took away from her instruction. The class was enjoyable, fast paced and she was very approachable. Thanks Dr. Miller for a great class and the opportunity to get to know you!

Danny Okert
Goodlettsville Police Department


I have attended several of Dr. Miller’s classes and found them all to be insightful, thought provoking and practical. One class in particular (Strength-Based Leadership) was so helpful to me, I chose to attend a second time to gain additional insights I could apply at work. I have also received some leadership coaching from Dr. Miller and have found her advice extremely beneficial to my development and practically applicable to my daily work as a supervisor. More importantly, Dr. Miller has also helped me to create and foster better and more productive working environments for my employees.

Having Dr. Miller as both a teacher and a coach has yielded significant positive results in both my personal and professional development and I would highly recommend her to anyone who has a desire to improve. Finally, if you are looking to be a strong competitor in a promotional process, look no further that Dr. Miller, her success rate at developing leaders is extraordinary.

Jeremy Yonce, MA
Fort Collins Police Department


We had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Miller deliver her Keynote Address "Sheriff's Navigational Tools: Motivation, Leadership and Power" at the 2013 Texas Sheriff's Association Conference. Her talk was most timely and extremely well received. Too often Sheriff's are so busy that they don't give themselves credit for the power, leadership and motivation that they provide every day to their constituents, families and employees.

Dr. Miller's presentation style was engaging and inspiring and her talk provided insight, a new way to look at our work and reminded Sheriff's who they really are. We would highly recommended Dr. Miller and look forward to having her present at the Texas Border Sheriff's Conference in the future.

Donald L. Reay
Executive Director
Texas Border Sheriff's Coalition

Lawrence "Larry" Guerra
Assistant Director
Texas Border Sheriff's Coalition


I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Miller on both a professional and personal basis. Dr. Miller has dedicated herself to understanding the law enforcement culture and the challenges faced by law enforcement leaders. Dr. Miller delivers on her promises and provides an exceptional product.

I also had the honor of nominating Dr. Miller to be the keynote speaker at the 2012 Arizona Chiefs of Police Annual Conference. Dr. Miller's countless hours of preparation were obvious when she delivered an engaging, energizing, and timely presentation on how to develop an effective succession plan and promotional process. The participants overwhelmingly rated Dr. Miller's presentation as "excellent." I highly recommend Dr. Miller because her passion, knowledge, and ability to deliver is superior!

Brian K. Williamson
Deputy Chief of Police
Bullhead City, Arizona 


In over 38 years of law enforcement, I have attended few training classes that had as much positive impact on myself and my organization as Dr. Miller’s training on strength-based leadership. Dr. Miller is a dynamic and personable instructor who captivates and engages her audience with her relevant subject matter and her sense of humor. Her class provided me with a fresh, energizing perspective on how to become a more effective leader. The training gave me new tools to be better able to identify and build upon the diverse strengths of others in a team environment while working to improve areas of their work performance that need further growth and development. For your personal enrichment and career development, and for the benefit of your organization, I highly recommend Dr. Miller’s training classes.

John W. Hough
Police Commander (Ret.)
Arroyo Grande Police Department, California


Dr. Miller’s expertise combined with her enthusiasm and ability to connect with students creates a winning package that has provided true value to our organization.

Colonel James Wolfinbarger
Colorado State Patrol


Dr. Miller has provided several courses to our organization and we have been impressed with her engaging instructional style and professionalism. I would highly recommend her to any organization.

Gary Darling
Larimer County Criminal Justice Services


Dr. Miller's vast knowledge base, education and passion make her training courses invaluable. Once word got around about her conflict resolution class, I had more staff submitting requests to attend this course than any other throughout the year. You are sure to see an immediate return on investment upon completion of her classes. For personal and professional development courses in leadership and conflict resolution, I highly recommend Dr. Miller.

Laurie Stolen, MA, CJM
Alternative Sentencing Department
Larimer County Criminal Justice Services


Dr. Miller vastly improved our statistical analysis and information gathering that ultimately assisted our non-profit organization in obtaining needed grants. Her dedication to our cause and her friendship means the world to us and we are grateful for her help!

Bob Younger
Laramie River Valley Rendezvous


I have had the pleasure of working professionally with Dr. Miller over the course of the last few years. Dr. Miller was able to bring insight into our working environment and culture and assist us in making some strategic changes, which led our agency to become more cohesive and collaborative. She was really the glue that bonded us together. Personally, I have grown through my work with Dr. Miller. Her coaching enabled me to better understand the people that I work for and help me to more effectively lead those who work for me. It's always challenging to change as a leader, and the work was not easy, but doing it was transformative and extremely beneficial to my career.

Captain Bill Kaufman, C.J.M.
Jail Administrator
Eagle County Sheriff's Office


Dr. Miller is a professional who pursues excellence in all she does. I have been fortunate to be a part of two of Dr. Miller’s research projects. The feedback she provided allowed us to gain important insight into our clients’ psychological well-being and her suggestions on treatment modification were very helpful. If you are looking for ways to improve client services I would highly recommend contacting Dr. Miller.

Al Adams, MS, LMFT, LCAC
Delaware County Special Services
Meridian Health Services


Our center had the privilege of working with Dr. Miller on two of her research projects. Our clients found participating in the research helpful because it provided them insight into their addictions and provided guidance on how to maintain their recovery. Our staff benefited by gaining a deeper understanding of the components of psychological well-being and learning how they could more directly address those needs in treatment. We were so impressed with Dr. Miller's work and the connection she made with us and our clients that we asked her to serve on our Advisory Board, which is a position she has held since 2005. Anytime I am looking for guidance, I know I can always rely on Dr. Miller to provide knowledgeable, thoughtful and strategic advice that will benefit our staff and clients.

Ginny Barnes, MA, CADACII, ICCJP
Sowers of Seeds Counseling


Dr. Miller’s knowledge, training and experience are top notch and her work ethic, passion for the job and people skills are second to none. Dr. Miller’s coaching enabled several of our members obtain their goal of promotion and she was a valuable asset in guiding the FOP’s questions during the Fort Collins Police Chief selection process. The Northern Colorado Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #3 won’t hesitate to call on Dr. Miller’s expertise in the future.

Spence Alvord
FOP Lodge #3 President


I had the pleasure and privilege to have worked with Dr. Kimberly Miller on the Colorado State Patrol Strategic Planning Working Group in 2010. I was so impressed with her ability to engage our group and lay the foundation that enabled us to express our organizational goals in the CSP Strategic Plan. When I was coordinating the civilian in-service for 2012, I immediately thought of Dr. Miller and invited her to instruct a strength based training with our members. Her workshop was engaging, thought provoking, and very educational. Dr. Miller’s skills and expertise are exceptional and she would be an asset to any organization.

Gina Jeffries
Administrative Assistant
Colorado State Patrol


Any leader looking to improve the morale and performance of their employees can't go wrong utilizing the services of Dr. Kimberly Miller.  The Larimer County Sheriff's Office was already an outstanding organization, but through extensive surveys and interviews, she identified areas that needed improvement, presented a well thought out plan of action to achieve the desired results, and guided us through the implementation. She helped us achieve an even higher level of performance and employee satisfaction.  I would highly recommend Dr. Miller as both an instructor and consultant.

Jim Alderden
Larimer County Sheriff (Ret.)


Dr. Miller has been a valuable asset in helping us create a higher level of professionalism in our organization and enabled us to be more intentional in our decision making. She is passionate about strengthening the culture of law enforcement and improving our connection to the people we serve. If you truly desire to create a top notch organization I highly recommend hiring Dr. Miller, you will not be disappointed.

Joe Hoy
Eagle County Sheriff


I have worked with Dr. Miller on a variety of different projects in several venues and have always been impressed with her teaching ability and inclusive approach to problem solving.  Most recently I was a part of a workshop where both civilian and sworn employees took part in a Team Building exercise facilitated by Dr. Miller. We "the Colorado State Patrol" had just started the process of assimilating 125 new members into the organization and supervisors from this group were represented at this training.  I found the facilitation of this program to be very valuable and very well received by those in attendance and further learned from many people in attendance about how valuable this training was and the positive effect it will have on their work career.  I guess it goes without saying that I am a fan of Dr. Miller and the way she puts together appropriate and engaging material to assist an agency in reaching new levels of success.

Major Kris Meredith
Colorado State Patrol
District 3 Commander


In 2010 I had the opportunity to attend a session on conflict management instructed by Dr. Kimberly Miller. I cannot begin to tell you how this session has positively impacted my working life. At the time I was contemplating retirement and had begun to seek other employment. Dr. Miller had a remarkable way of helping you understand the concepts of conflict management in ways I will never forget. Throughout her course, I began to understand why I was feeling the way I was, and learned many ways to deal with those feelings positively. Her course has turned my life around. I now see every challenge/conflict as a way to interact and communicate with people. Dr. Miller has shown me how to turn a potentially uncomfortable situation into a productive two way conversation that resolves the issues.
In 2011 I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Miller again when the agency I was working for began to work on the next Strategic Plan. Dr. Miller was hired to assist our group in creating a new Strategic Plan that encompassed the vision and plan of our new Chief. Believe me when I tell you that had Dr. Miller not been there to keep us on track and provide alternative ways to vision the future, we would have never completed this project. As it turned out, we produced the most comprehensive, forward thinking Strategic Plan I have ever read. Other Law Enforcement agencies have requested copies of our plan so they could try to structure theirs the same way.
Dr. Miller’s ability to get people to reach deep inside themselves is remarkable. She will have you saying things and doing things you never thought were possible. You will gain a better understanding of not only yourself, but others, and how to deal with them effectively even in the most difficult situations.
I look forward to the time when I will have the unique opportunity to work with Dr. Miller again.

Major Tom Wilcoxen (Ret.)
Colorado State Patrol


As a Board member of the County Sheriffs of Colorado, I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Miller when she facilitated our strategic planning retreat. She has a unique ability to allow everyone to give input and yet, keep everyone and the meeting as a whole on track. Her approach lead to a true “team” effort, and as a result the work product was extremely valuable and laid the foundation for our future.

Having been through that endeavor, our senior staff met with her about doing some work for our organization. Our staff was very impressed with her approach/philosophy and we are looking forward to having her help our organization achieve the next level of excellence.

Bruce Hartman
Gilpin County Sheriff
Board Member County Sheriffs of Colorado


Dr. Miller took on a very comprehensive review of the Fort Collins Police Services Area, it's internal relationships, management styles and specifically areas that could be improved for our mutual benefit and better service. Her results were presented with insight, support and the appropriate research that allowed for implementation on many levels. Some of what she presented was not universally welcomed but it was accurate and made a difference in how we proceeded. She provided some clear and well articulated ways to proceed and she gained the trust and respect of the organization. She became someone that many turned to for a myriad of issues and direction. I would sincerely endorse her efforts and tell anybody that she provides a very high quality product that can be immediately utilized for the betterment of an organization.

Dennis V. Harrison

Chief of Police (Ret.)

Fort Collins Police Department



I have had the distinct privilege to be a student of Dr. Kimberly Miller’s “Strength Based Leadership” course, and also work under her guidance as a member of the Colorado State Patrol’s strategic planning working group.  Dr. Miller’s instruction methods are straightforward, and serve to underscore her extensive knowledge of the needs within law enforcement agencies, particularly where they relate to leadership and the importance of turning conflict into opportunity.  Dr. Miller possesses great strength in her ability to facilitate working groups in a focused and goal-oriented manner.  Her ability to build us up as a team and keep us on task had a profoundly positive impact on the development of our agency’s newly developed Strategic Plan. The plan is now the foundation of an overarching cultural change which empowers us to excel as an organization through focusing on our most important asset, our members.  I have learned a great deal from Dr. Miller, and highly recommend her to any agency interested in breaking through the glass ceiling of cultures and traditions which may be holding them back from fully realizing their potential!

Tina Buneta, Regional Manager
Colorado State Patrol
Montrose Communications