Turning Lemons Into Lemonade: Proving Exceptional Customer Service



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Turning Lemons Into Lemonade: Proving Exceptional Customer Service


In addition to training and skill development for in-person interactions, participants will learn how to communicate effectively and professionally on the phone, in writing, and through social media. These interactions require more skill and consideration since non-verbal cues and tone are not always available and it is very difficult to ensure the intended message was received. Finally, participants will be taught how to successfully navigate the most challenging people through learning about the psychological bank account, human motivation, and conflict resolution. 


Organizations emphasize the importance of customer service but often struggle to have employees implement a consistent philosophy in this area. This can come from miscommunication, lack of training, undervaluing customers, or lack of awareness that their actions are a representation of the organization as a whole. This course will educate participants about the importance of customer service, how to develop a unified philosophy around customer service, and how to effectively communicate expectations to employees.